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  1. Organic Manure

    Organic fertilizer is the essential form of fertilizer known to mankind. Indian government defines any fertilizer organic if the carbon (C) is at least /more than 10 %. Organic carbon is important as it is the source of all flora and fauna. It has an innumerable amount of positive bacteria which gives life to the soil, and which in turn supports the growth of all crops and plants, their entire Structure is dependent on the organic structure of the soil.
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  2. Granulated Organic Fertilizer

    Helps in better crop spread. Induces flowering and reduces flower drop. Improves fruit set and fruit drop. Improves fruit size, quality and colour. Compatible with all pesticides & fertilizers. Humid Acid 8-10%, Amino Acid 8-10%, Ammonia C-2-3%
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  3. Potash Fertilizer

    Terra potash contains potash derived from natural substances, such as botanical origin and other fermentation-based products. It is completely natural, it has no synthetic substance. What makes it unique is the fact that K2O content is more than 14% which is a feat achieved without the use of chlorine and sulfate-based fertilizers. Terra Potash is 100% organic and safe to use as compared to its chemical counterpart- MOP ( Muriate of potash) which releases chlorine (CL) when used as a fertilizer in the soil. Its Bioavailability in more than 90% in the single crop making it a completely non -residue fertilizer. It USP is in the fact that it does not release chlorine and sulfate in the soil. Along with being an organic source for water-soluble Potassium in K+ form, Terra Potash contains over 10% of Organic Carbon. Soil organic carbon is the basis of soil fertility. It releases nutrients for plant growth, promotes the structure, biological and physical health of soil, and is a buffer against harmful substances.
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  4. Bio Potash Fertilizer

    SeaWeed: 4-5% SeaWeed Extract: 4-5% Colour: Red Minerals: 216 ppm It helps strengthen the roots of the crops. Increase the process of farming protein, prevents the leaves from getting yellow. Category: Bio Fertilizer
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  5. Terra PHOS Gold

    Organic Substitute for chemical DAP NON-Toxic Elements
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  6. Terra Biocert granules

    Containing natural nitrogen elements
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  7. Phosphate Rich Organic Manure

    Apply a minimum of 50 kgs/ Acre. 80% of which is to be applied during sowing and the remaining 20% within 21-40 days.
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